Sub-Disarmed Mode

I own the Ring alarm, and 4 outdoor cameras, and 2 indoor cameras, and I’d like to request a 4th Mode.

I’d like to see a 4th Sub-Disarmed Mode available, that’s totally configurable like the other 3 Modes, where you could kill the recording of all motion with one touch/click.

I recently got the Modes update, which works very, very well. When disarmed, I initially only left my DB Pro camera active, while disabling my other outdoor cameras.

I’ve since re-enabled the other 3 outdoor cameras when in Disarmed mode. I prefer to be alerted to anything outside, if I’m inside. However, I don’t need those all enabled if I’m cutting my grass, or having people over and hanging out back. Somethign like a sub-disarmed mode could allow to just sort of kill-all.

Now, I realize I could just go into each individual camera and just disable motion, and THAT’S fine. I’m sincerely so thrilled just to now HAVE that option (since the Modes update) on my Flood and Spotlight cams). I could see disabling each one, one at a time to be quite cumbersome for those that have several outdoor cameras.

–just my thoughts for improvement. I see some others have also requested a 4th mode, but not with these features… maybe a 4th mode which we could label and name whatever best suits our personal situation, and allow it to be configured like the other 3? So maybe to me it’s “Sub-Disarm” while to others it’s “Home w/ Motion Active” --all based on how you configure it.