Stuttering and freezing Stick Up Elite + Others

Hello. I’d love to get to the bottom of this but from other threads I’ve read, Ring have zero interest and are unable to read a post properly and are only capable of copy and paste responses. But we shall see. I have faith.

I have - Doorbell Pro, Spotlight Cam, 2 x Floodlight Cam, 3 x Stick Up Cam Wired(now Elite). 37/7Mbps line. Netgear 16 port POE switch. 2 x Unifi AP Lite.

I have recently begun using two of the Stickup Cams to capture foxes at night. One is in the same area as the Spotlight Cam and one is in the same area as one of the Floodlight Cams.

The problem: if I live view a camera it’s nearly always acceptable if there’s nothing happening. For example you may see trees blowing. As soon as there’s serious movement, it freezes to different degrees of severity and different lengths of times. Often ending the viewing. Due to the way the cameras are located, animals may trigger two cameras at similar times. My primary viewing of foxes is on the Stick Up Cams as they are at ground level. They are both hardwired and operated POE via the Netgear switch. 70-80% of time there’s a motion recording or I answer live view, the picture will freeze. If I then check the recording on the other camera covering the area to see the bits I’ve missed, I’ll find that one froze at the same time. It’s getting a bit frustrating.

It’s the only device family I have trouble with. I’ve tried a different router. My next step will be to try running a new cable to the main Stick Up Cam I use and double check the connections. I may then try to bypass the Netgear switch and use the supplied inserter. Just for science, I’ll swap the two Stick Up Cams over. I’m sure there’s some deep root cause here and I hope someone can make a profound suggestion for me to try. There’s definitely something not right. Any help or ideas gratefully received.


Hey @Thesean. What is the RSSI for these cameras? I have an idea that might help you get to the bottom of this. Since these are POE devices, try connecting them to wifi to see if that allows for better, or worse quality. Also, when these cameras record simultaneously and you’re streaming in high definition, it is most likely using lots of bandwidth. If you play these recorded videos in your History, do they still freeze or stutter? If this is the case, you might be having video packet loss.

If so, you’ll need to contact our support team to see if there are any networks adjusts that can be made to help correct this. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times.

There is no RSSI since they’re connected by POE. There is loss of video on playback also. I’m going to try turning off all the other cameras and see if the issue is still there. Wifi will not be strong enough to connect. I’ve also noticed where I have a Floodlight Cam set to illuminate upon motion of this Stick Up Cam, as the command is sent the break in video occurs. Might also try turning off snapshot. My setup is basically text book. The only thing I could think to try is traffic priority but my router doesn’t support that.

I don’t think Ring is for me. Tried everything. Just constant break up even on POE devices. Really bad hardware and firmware. I’m going to begin the transition to Eufy and others. They work so much better and the support is brilliant. I’m upset it’s come to this.