Stuff needs updating

For a few weeks, I am using a v4 doorbell.

It’s ok(ish)

yet it needs updates.

there seem to be som weirds isscheues.

advanced motion detection stops too fast even when there is stuff people cars moving.

even on max sensitivity, there are gaps of people cars cyclists walking by not recorded.

when starting a record it taken few seconds for audio and video to adjust and focus therefore missing the clue in the recording.

and you won’t be able to identify people, cyclists, cars.

there are too many recordings in history that just won’t play and won’t show on timeline.
Looking these up online it quote’s no protection-plan was active at the time What the hell ?!

It would be nice if one could sort recordings ascending or descending online and in-app.

it would also be nice if you could watch the timeline online.

don’t blame it on the network since the doorbell is on the other side of the wall my router is mounted on.

any other device I can walk the street up and down still having a connection.

also, the v4 does not see a 5ghz network

so please advise fix and improve !!