Strict firewall settings

Hi all,

I recently installed a bunch of ring security products and in the process had to lower my firewall settings for the cameras to function. I’m inquiring to find out how to increase my firewall security without hindering the camera functionality. When I reached out to Ring customer service, they told me that hacking was not Ring’s problem, but the internet providers, yet this is ironic because it’s their products that are making me lower my security settings. Both my internet provider and Ring are pointing fingers at each other and it’s not helpful.

Thank you for any insight!

Hey @Neighbor6969. Happy to help further with this! At Ring, we require certain ports and protocols to be opened in order to allow the Ring devices to connect and stay connected. I recommend ensuring that your configuration addresses these ports and protocols as outlined in our Help Center Article here, and then the rest of your network settings can be to your choosing. It may be best to reach out to your ISP if you need additional help with this. Feel free to share what your results are, as this may help guide other neighbors. :slight_smile: