Streaming Error

I have received a replacement video doorbell as my original ones screws got stuck inside it. I have completed the set up and attached to the wall but the video does not work. When I click Live View it says “Streaming Error”. My options are “reconnect” or “more info”.
Pressing reconnect takes me around in circles back to the streaming error prompt. Pressing more info takes me to the ring website but it says the page does not exist.
When I check network connection settings everything is good.

Hi @dingdong1. Let’s try a reset of your Doorbell! If you can, press and hold down the setup button for about 20 seconds, and then go into the Device Health page and tap on Change Wifi Network (or Reconnect to Wifi if it says that instead). This will take you through the same steps you took when you set up the device, and ensure you still select your home wifi network when doing this. Once the reconnection is set up, test the Live View to see if it activates for you! In addition, you can try using just mobile data instead of wifi when trying to load the Live View. :slight_smile: