Streaming error on 1.5 year old stick up cam

Streaming error. Camera is working, signal good…but no image. Ring said to bad so sad. After several test, connect, disconnect, re set up etc. They then sent me a 35% discount coupon email to get new one because mine is out of warranty. I have 3 other cameras from them all working fine. One is 7 years old still working They said sorry…cant help you. So I need to spend $60 or more for a new camera. Not going to happen. They Wont stand by their product. Will be cancelling entire account soon and returning all cameras maybe I can get some money back for them once I get another security system. Long time customer but who cares. Spoke to two reps no one offered to replace it. Sad.

The warranty states it covers 1 year ( Warranty | Ring), so they stood by their product for as long as they said they would. You read the warranty before you installed the devices so you know the limitations ahead of time right?
It sucks that the device is no longer working but it does happen in the real world.

Good luck with your new alarm system!

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It happens in the real world? Really? Gee thanks! I feel better now. The camera does not work after only 1.5 years. I have other cameras that work. One that is 7 years old. This one is a faulty camera and they did not even consider the number of years I been with them. They dont stand by their products. 1 year warranty is pathetic. Minimal they dont care about loyalty. I am a reasonable person. If I break something I own up to it. A 35% discount wont cut it. Its a faulty camera hanging beneath the eve…not damaged not bumped by anyone. Just there only the air to hit it when it gets windy. Glad you are okay with giving out your money.