Streaming error / activating device

I’ve had a Ring video doorbell for a few months now and I’m really disappointed so far.
It rarely works…
Most of the time when i try to use the live view, i get the streaming error.
When it does work work, I have to “retry” at least once or twice.
I get tons of motion notifications all day any time big trucks drive by but it only picks up my mail man / package deliveries about half the time.
I can walk up to the door, root through my pocket for my keys, walk in, and take my jacket off before it notifies me of my motion.

I’ve read the other threads and none of the suggestions have helped.
I ran hardwired power.
It’s on my personal wifi.
I have fiber optic internet.
I’m not using a VPN.
My router is only about 15 feet away with a clear path.
No concrete walls, fish tanks, or other obstructions of any kind.
I’ve deleted / reinstalled the Ring app on my phone which seems to have helped a bit.

I’m getting an RSSI of +/-50.

Is there anything else I’m missing?
I wish there was an ethernet port on the back and I’d hardwire the connection too.

If you purchased your device on Amazon (as I did) consider leaving the appropriate feedback for other potential customers. That is likely the only way anything will ever be addressed. Where is Ralph Nader ? This ring company has some 1300 or so employees and was recently sold for 1+ billion dollars. They have the resources to make it work.

In response to your post …
I am on battery power (99%)
Mine is on 2.4 g wifi (although I just checked my live view while shopping 1/2 hour from home with no problem).
I AM using a VPN
My router is maybe 30 ft from the doorbell with several ft thick solid cement walls between. I do however have a range extender between the doorbell and the router.
I have both the rapid and non-rapid apps on my phone.
My rssi is -63
Speedtest (through vpn) is 21 / 8.

BUT - I have all 3 notification settings in the non-rapid app turned OFF.

I just went into live-view rather quickly using the rapid app.

BUT - there are times everything goes smoothly (like now). There are other times when the device is simply dead.

In my case I have several networks/routers in the house. Make sure the app(s) are running on the same network as the device…

Just my 2 cents.