Stray animal triggers camera all the time

Got an annoying cat that walks past my front door late at night triggering the Doorbell. Any thoughts on how to prevent this besides just going back to a traditional doorbell switch? Seriously tempted to just throw this thing out, considering how piece of mind is not what I have gained. I don’t care to know when a stray animal walks past my front door. I guess maybe this is the negative quirk that has no solution. I tried adjusting sensitivity but did not help.

Adjusting your motion settings was a great step to take. While certain environmental factors are tough to avoid, refining your motion alerts with settings like People Only, will help with fine tuning.

Aside from settings, adjusting your Video Doorbell mounting angle can also help with detection. This can be done with a Wedge or Corner Kit, which can be found on our mounting accessories page. :slight_smile: