Strange Unable to view video feed issue

Over the last week, I’ve had an issue where my outdoor stick up cam will continue to catch motion but when I try and view whatever motion is caught, it gives me an error that it cannot retrieve the video along with trying to view it in live time.

The weird part, this has only been happening between the hours of (ish) 10 am-4 pm. Weird right? All other hours of the day the camera is working fine.

I’ve reset the camera several times. Deleted and re-installed my app on phone. I’ve also reset my wireless router to no avail. I have a signal strength consistently high 40’s RSSI.

It’s just puzzling how this is only happening between certain hours of the day.

Help? Haha

Hi @user61695. You have tried all the basic troubleshooting steps I would recommend for this type of concern. The next best step is to contact our support team to further investigate this with you. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.