Strange email renewal price


My ring protect plan was up for renewal but the Ring team decided to extend my trial by a few months as we are having some financial difficulty due to the pandemic. I removed my credit card from my ring account previously because it expired, and I have not added a new card to my account yet because of the extended trial. However I am receiving automated emails stating that my protect plan is trying to auto-renew at GBP £35.25. Usually as far as I know the plan renews at GBP £24.99. Has anybody else ever exprienced this? I have attached a screenshot of the email I am receiving regularly. Obviously I am not worried about actually being charged because I don’t have a card on my account right now, but I do not want to be over-charged in a couple of months when my extended trial expires and I re-add a new credit card to my account to renew my plan.

Any suggestions would be appreciated as to what this weird amount could be for? I have tried contacting the Ring support team and they say that on their billing screens it is still showing as attempting to charge at GBP £24.99 which is odd.

Hey @mattlove. Thanks for bringing this up to the Community! This can help other neighbors make sure they are paying attention to this kind of information to make sure that nothing goes amiss with billing. It seems like it may have been an error on the billing side of things, but since our support team has cleared up what the actual price will be for you, I would not worry about it! If some time for the plan to charge, you can always make sure you have no plan on the account and everything is cancelled, and then go through purchasing a new plan. In the chance you may run into being overcharged, you can always contact our support team here for any refunds needed.