Stored videos

After the one free month of storing videos is over and I do not buy the membership, can I still have my videos stored or is there no storage at all?

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Hello @johnschiere, you are correct that after the trial of the Protect Plus Plan you will no longer have video storage without renewing your subscription. Learn more about our Protect Plan options here on

I was told that the video’s were available for 24 hours without a Protect Plan. Mis-information? Seems like the customer is being forced to pay more monthly, if there is not an option for the 24 hour retrieval. Please advise. My doorbell can still be returned. Thank you.

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It’s always been a free trial and then either a plan or free. With free, you can see a live view 24/7 but not any recorded video. So if you miss a doorbell, you won’t be able to see it later.

See here for the differences.


I was told the same thing. I understand that $3 a month is minimal, but I was MISLED. I am seriously thinking of returning the device as it was installed under false information.