Stopping delayed entry with app

My question is my wife enters main entry door with system armed, delay timer begins, can you stop the timer with the app or does it have to be done with keypad? And if you can stop timer with app, do you have to enter 4 digit passcode first or just press Disarmed or Home?

Good question, @bwillis5! Your Entry Delay can certainly be cancelled via both the Keypad and the Ring app. Whichever is most accessible at the time can cancel the delay by disarming. In the Ring app, simply disarm the Alarm prior to the Delay countdown ending, and with the Keypad, you can indeed disarm using the PIN as normal. Keep in mind, this will only cancel an Entry Delay when there is a delay set, whereas having no delay or tripping a Sensor that is configured to trigger immediately will not be able to be canceled after tripping. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: