Stopped recording motion.

Last night around 8:45 all 3 of my Ring Cameras stopped recording motion on my iPad and iPhone. Stick up cam is connected wireless WiFi while wired spotlight and wired doorbell 2 are connected via chime. Rebooted router and same problem. Live view works. For a while spotlight cam was saying offline on iPad but on my iPhone it showed online. Is this an app update problem? Now at around 4:30 this morning motion seemed to start recording again on all cameras. What is going on? Anyone with similar issues? Thanks.

Hey @Jackietools. It sounds like your Chime Pro may have lost its connection to the router, which therefore the devices connected to the Chime Pro lot their connection as well. Later on, your Chime Pro seems to have come online, which after it came online, resulted in your other devices coming online after they checked in again (check-ins for a connection are not constant and check in periodically so it does not power from the device rapidly, wired or not). Since it took a couple hours for the devices to check in and re-establish their connection, this is why you had the longer lapse of motion detection. As long as the devices stay online and you can connect to a Live View, rest assured motion detection should be working as well for you. :slight_smile:

I’m not following. My doorbell was connected direct WiFi to router. Stickup cam and spot light cam connected to the chime. If they were showing online at the time why weren’t they recording motion? Thinking of getting chime pro for better connections. Will it make a difference over regular chime I bought 2 years ago? Don’t fully understand this” check-ins for a connection are not constant and check in periodically so it does not power from the device rapidly, wired or not). ”

Hi @Jackietools! It is possible that your Ring app device health might show your device online, even if it’s lost connection with wifi. This is due to the last known communication being online. The best way to test connectivity is to attempt a live view from the app, as well as to ensure your RSSI is consistently below -50.

If you are using a Chime Pro to connect other devices, the same RSSI criteria applies to both the Chime Pro and connected Cameras. Adjusting the location of router and chime pro to best suit each Ring device will be the best way to optimize signal. If you feel your device lost connection, due to lack of events or live view not connecting, you can attempt a connection via the device health in the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I don’t get get below on either. I have an old chime ( not chime pro) only gets a 53. My spot light wired is connected to my chime and rss is 61. My doorbell II rss is 59. The chime is within 10 feet of each with a wall in between. Would the new Chime Pro be worth investing in. Would it increase signal enough over first generation chime to be worth the purchase? Thanks