Stopped connecting to WIfi

My ring door bell has stopped connecting to my wifi it has been perfectly fine for the last 12 months now nothing. I have followed all online advice to sort this and unit is fully charged. I have put the device on top of the router so literally can not put it any closer and yet it still can not find it. It can find 11 other peoples WiFi but not mine. My WiFi has not changed and all other devices I have on the WiFi are working fine.

Hi @Fran444. Try performing a reset on your Doorbell. You can do this by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then releasing. Once the Doorbell has reset, try reconnecting to wifi. Let me know if this works for you!

@Tom_Ring - support as a whole really needs to do some root cause analysis on what might be causing these lost connectivity issues. Ive been reading these forums and its happening enough that it isnt the users’ configuration and that the devices themselves have an issue - especially after 12 months which seems to be a common theme. Every “solution” is either reset the device, clean the power cables - its getting tired.

Hi @DSMdude. It’s really difficult to find a root cause when there are so many variables that contribute to a lost connection. Things like network strength, RSSI, environmental or electronic interference and power can all contribute to a lost connection. In most cases, correcting these issues will prompt the Doorbell to function correctly again. I hope this helps.

I have seem to have the same issue. I did get a new router though, but when I try to set up to connect to the WiFi, it states cannot connect. I get to the screen on the app where it asks which lights are blinking, top, left, right or no light, I choose whats presented and brings me right back to the page where it asks if the lights are blinking in a circle. Has done this numerous times. Hard reset was done, batteries were switched out with no change. WiFi router has same name and password.