Still getting motion detection alerts with motion detection disabled in Home Mode

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@CaddilLackey wrote:

“I thought it might be because the camera needed to reboot so I did that but it is still happening. Any help would be appreciated.”

@Boone response:

Maybe you are mixing 'apples & oranges."

In the “Disarmed”, " Home", and “Away” MODE SETTINGS, you are selecting if you do/do not want your device (your motion detector) to activate the alarm system in each MODE. But, the device itself will always continue to function, whether or not you choose for it to be used to trigger an alarm. The Disarmed/Home/Away MODES have nothing to do with device Notifications or Alert-Chirps.

To change “Notification Push” to your phone, from the Dashboard select the upper-left ‘3 horizontal lines’ to get to the Main Menu, then select “Device”, then “Alarm Base Station”, and then select the Detection Device that you wish to adjust (in your case, the Motion Detector). On this page, you’ll see the current Battery status and right below the Battery you’ll see the “Motion Alerts” toggle switch. Toggling this ON or OFF determines if you receive a “Notification Push” or not. Yours is currently toggled ON. To stop receiving notifications, toggle it OFF.

Below the Motion Alert toggle, you can also modify Alert-sounds you hear, by selecting “Chirp Tones.” You should have several sound choices, like Wind Chime, Harp, etc., to include NONE if you don’t want any sounds when the device detects motions.

So now you can tailor the Motion Devices to best fit your needs:

  • MODE SETTINGS"Disarmed", “Home”, and “Away” determine if the device is used to activate the Alarm in each MODE.

  • MOTION ALERT toggle switch control Notification Push to your phone.

  • CHIRP TONES control choice of sounds you hear (including silent with NONE) on the Base Station, key pads, and phone. Note: when someone logs into the Ring App on their smartphone with the OWNER (Master) login and password, this smartphone is the Master phone App, and controls the CHIRP choices heard on their Phone, the Base Station, and Key Pads. When some uses a SHARED USER logs in their phone, the MOTION ALERTS and CHIRP TONE can be changed to that Shared User preferences, but their choices do not alter the Master OWNER settings.

Most people set their Motion Detectors to Notifications-OFF and Chirp Tones-NONE. But two examples of tailoring different settings:

  • I tailored one of my Motion Detector in a room set with Motion & Alert-Chirp ON … to help me catch when my dog sneaks into a room that he knows is off-limits.

  • Some people prefer some tailored combination of Motion & Alert-Chirp toggled ON /OFF for the Motion Detectors certain areas they normally won’t enter while sleeping, like downstairs. So then, even though those detectors will not activate the alarms in HOME MODE, they have ‘peace of mind’ that nobody is creeping around silently downstairs.

I hope this clears things up for you. :slight_smile:


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You posted your original question in the “Security Cams” forum. I hope you don’t mind, but I copied and reposted this also into the “Ring Alarm” forum. I felt others looking into Motion Detector information can more easily find your post there.


I’m having this same problem but motion detection is turned off. I’m still getting audible motion detected chirps from the motion sensor. When my lawn care guy comes for service I turn motion detection off on all cameras and motions sensors but I have one motion sensor that continues chirp when it detects motion no matter what I do. It is a 1st generation motion sensor if that matters. Thanks