Stickup POE vs Outdoor cable

Hi guys. I purchased a Ring Stickup Elite (Aust). It came with a POE adapter but no Outdoor Cable. I called Ring assuming that the cable was left out and they sent a new one; however the new one also didn’t contain one. I have a feeling the Aust versions didn’t come with the outdoor cable. Can someone verify or shed some light on this.

Hey @alpha. What Ring device do you have exactly? Are you referencing the Stick Up Cam Plugin, or the Ring Video Doorbell Elite? The Power Over Ethernet Adapater is something used for the Elite Doorbell, as it needs to be hardwired to the router for you. Although, the Stick Up Cam Plugin is just hardwired for power options with the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter and still connects wirelessly to wifi.

Hi. Defn A Ring Stick Up Wired version. Pls refer to attachment.

@alpha That picture clears a lot up! Since you have the Ring Stick Up Cam Elite (2nd Gen), this is a device that required Power over Ethernet or PoE for short. With this requirement , it will not work with only an ethernet connection. Using PoE requires a router or switch that supplies PoE or the dedicated PoE Adapter that comes in-box with Stick Up Cam Elite. Therefore, you are unable to use the Indoor/Outdoor cord like that one I had linked.

For a longer cord, you will need to find a standard ethernet cable that is available in a longer length, and possibly a weather proof one. Be aware that the PoE Adapter part of the setup is not rated for inclement weather and should not be exposed to the outdoors. You can learn more about PoE in our Help Center Article here.

Thanks foir tyhe resdponse Chelsea. How come I’ve some with an outdoor power cable included ?

@alpha The ones you see with the Outdoor Cable with them will be our newer generation, the 3rd Gen, as it can be dual purpose with and without it.