Stickup Cam v3 Zone Drawing issue on App

Is anyone having issues drawing the motion zones on the ring stickup cam (v3) for the top of the camera field of vision. In the app it is cut off so I am unable to draw beyond a certain point. I have no issues for my Ring Doorbell Pro. Uploaded pictures from my Ring Doorbell Pro vs Ring Stickup cam to see the view I see. Notice in the stick up cam the “Default Zone” bar area is blank and not an overlay over the video. Instead the video is push up anove that bar, unlike the Ring Doorbell Pro. Note: I am on Iphone 11 Pro Max IOS 14.4

Sorry as a new user Incan only post one media image at a time

Ring Doorbell Pro

Thank you for these image examples, @kennguyen220! As you mentioned this happening on your Stick Up Camera model and not your Doorbell Pro, this is likely just the noticeable different in field of view on battery-powered devices. No worries, as this is intended, as described further in our Community post about Customizable Motion Zones for Battery Devices.