Stickup Cam Stopped Working


My Ring Stickup Cam stopped working. It just just showing a constant blue light. This is the 3rd unit that has failed in past 6 months. Of which Ring has only replaced one - and the 2nd one has been in limbo state for over 3 months.

For this 3rd faulty unit - I have tried to troubleshoot. By reseating the Ethernet cable (it’s POE), I’ve tried to reset the device by holding for over 20 secs and letting go but it still comes back to the same state. It will not go into setup mode.

I’ve tested the POE to make sure it’s not a cable or switch port fault - it works.


I have a similar experience and can’t even get the blue light to show… any help is appreciated!

Hey @Mn1, since you have been reaching out to support on this concern, I recommend to reach back out to them and follow up on this concern. Since you have been having multiple devices fail for you, there may be more in-depth analysis of your system, devices and network that needs to be assessed.

@Tateo Have you been in touch with our support team here on this concern? If you are unable to get the blue light to appear, it is normally directly a power concern with the device or a concern with the device booting up itself.

Hi Chelsea, I have tried, but it does not lead me anywhere, not even an e-ticket to try and replace the unit.

@Tateo What happens when you call our support team?