Stickup cam mode issue

Hi, we have a ring alarm system and 4 ring cameras, 3 external and 1 internal. The internal cam is a stick up cam powered via USB cable. We have had this camera set up so that we only get motion notifications when the alarm is armed to away, when the alarm is set to disarmed we shouldn’t be getting notifications on motion and that has been the case until this evening. The alarm is set to disarmed but we are still getting notifications of motion from this camera and when I check the settings nothing has been changed and we should not be getting notifications. Have tried arming the alarm and disarming to see if that sort it out but still getting notifications when the alarm is disarmed.

Pulling my hair out with this one.

Any ideas to rectify this issue.

Hi @StuPat78. Which specific camera model is this (Stick Up Cam, Indoor Cam)? You may want to check your Cams settings to ensure that this camera is designated as an Indoor Camera, and not an Outdoor Camera. As mentioned in this Help Center article here, this will affect how the Camera operates in a specific Mode Setting. Additionally, you can select for this Camera to operate on a Motion Schedule so you only receive Notifications during a specific time. You can learn how to do that in this Help Center article here. Let me know if this is helpful!