Stickup cam battery to plugin conversation

Hi !

I have 5 stickup cam battery version at home and I’m happy with them due to the super easy of installation… i move frequently, so this is the perfect option for me … however for one of them that i use in the liviling room , that battery has to be recharged / replaced every 5-6 days … so i was wondering if there is away to convert it to plugin to avoid this hassle.

i contacted the support twice on this and i got two different answers and im confused now! :slight_smile:

Is the battery-version convertible to plugin and how ? And if not , i can exchange it with a plugin version since its still under warranty , BUT … is the plugin-version convertible to battery cz i might need the battery functionality after i move to another apartment .

Thank you !

They make a plug for the stick-up camera. I believe it’s about $40 on Amazon. On the back of the camera, the top white plug covers the port.