Stick Up Wired - no Snapshot Capture

Anyone else have this issue? Got a new Stick Up Cam (plug in) installed this week, but cannot get Snapshot Capture working. I tried reinstalling the app, deleting and adding the camera, toggling various app settings, etc.

I can activate the feature in the app, but every Snapshot in the timeline just says, “This footage is unavailable.”

I also have a Ring Doorbell 2 which works perfectly with Snapshot Capture.

Both devices are equal distance from my router and show good signal strength in the “Device Health” tab and in my router’s app.

Contacted Support who ran me through the various steps I’d already tried for 30 min before telling me the feature wasn’t ready yet for my device. The rep honestly didn’t seem to know much about the Snapshot Capture feature or the Stick Up Cam itself, so not sure if this was accurate info.

Hey @Padawan. As described in our Help Center Article here on Snapshots, Snapshot capture is available on all Ring devices except the Stick Up Cam (3rd Generation) (coming in 2020). This includes the Plug-In version of the Stick Up Cam, as this is the 3rd Generation of the device. We are still working on rolling out this feature to all of our neighbors, and apologize that you do not have it in the meantime, but I hope this helps clear it up for you!

Thank you for the reply.

If this feature is not yet available for the Stick Up Cam, it would help prevent confusion if the app did not allow you to activate the feature and select a timeframe for snapshot captures. Everything in the app gives the impression that the Snapshot Capture is turned on and should be working, and the capture markers even show up in the timeline, they just aren’t available to view.

Totally hear you, @Padawan and I want to personally apologies for any confusion. I went ahead and sent your feedback over to my team member to review. Thank you for letting us know!