Stick up camera looses connection

Was working fine. Then it lost connection. Spontaneously. Not first time this has happened, but spontaneously recovered several days later. Can’t get it to reconnect. If I hear “Rome wasnt built in a day” one more time I will scream. Says problem is with my wifi. Signal strong, all other devices have no problem, nothing was changed. Any chance my camera is the issue? Out of warranty

Is the Ring device on the 2.4ghz or 5ghz Wi-Fi band?

2.4, or at least it was there. Have a Highthawk mesh router and when camera was connected could see it on the 2.4 list. Now it’s off and can’t see anything. What puzzles me has this has happened before: it would go offline for a few days, but then it came back. All while I was in another city.

Mesh can be tricky sometimes. What happens is the device connects to one of the further away access points and not the closest or strongest ones. Some mesh systems have settings to try and prevent this. Might be worth having a check for that.