Stick up camera extra power

Is there a way I can attach the extra ring battery I have to my stick up camera? What I’m looking for is an external battery pack, so I don’t have to change batteries so often.

Hey @jloh. There is not an external battery pack for the Stick-Up Cam. However, there are a few other option for power. You can use the Solar Panel to trickle charge your batteries, or use the Outdoor Plug-In Adapter for a constant power supply. Both of those accessories can be found here. I hope these work for you!

Will the AC power supply then use the battery as a backup? Or will the power go off if there is a power outage?

Hi @jloh, happy to chime in for Tom here. Yes, you are correct that if the Plug-In Adapter for the Stick-Up Cam gets unplugged or if the power to that outlet goes out, the Cam will then use the charged battery as a power source. :slight_smile: