Stick Up Cam


For a few month’s, my StickUp Cam, has been alerting on low battery, like hundres of other users. But it has still been working. It’s cennected via power outlet only. No battery installed. Now it stopped working completely, and says that the AC is poor, and should be replaced with a genuine Ring adapter… but i HAVE the genuine Ring adapter?

I can reset the StickUp cam, and reconnect it. Then it works for 8 to 10 minutes, then it wil shut down again. I have NOT chaged any wifi connections. Our Doorbell is connected to ChimePro, as well as the StickUp cam. The Doorbell is working fine, without any problems. Both devices have 6 meters to the ChimePro, and both the chime, and the other devices, are on full signal strenght.

Yesterday i tried to fully remove the SticUp Cam, and set it up from scratch. Same result, working for 8 to 10 minutes, and then it’s offline.

It has been working without any issues, since we bought it, in December, untill it suddenly gave the message of ‘Low Battery’, even it’s on the power outlet, only.

If it’s a software problem, You shuold get it fixed asap. As many people are aware of, this problem is a internatiol issue, across the users around the globe. If it’s a hardware problem, then i hope to get my device switched asap, since it’s a key part of our home security.

Regards Pelle