Stick up Cam worthless

I have either a skunk or groundhog digging up my sod in my backyard LATE or early in the morning. I have a Ring Stick up camera that is set for frequent motion and every other setting to alert or record when this rodent is in my yard. WELL, UNLESS I stay up to RECORD the incident myself (according to Ring Tech support) the CAMERA is useless. The Stickup cam (according to Ring TS) is a heat-sensing camera and is not as good as their “hard-wired” camera. The camera works fine if I walk in the yard, etc… However, I have seen YouTube videos of skunks, raccoons, etc… walking in people’s driveways and recording the incident. I have a rodent that is only 6 feet away from the camera RIPPING up sod and the camera doesn’t record ONE second. WOW!. Stay away from this camera if you are trying to capture the likes of an animal in your yard. Heck, the skunk or groundhog is probably laughing at the camera while ripping the yard. Stay away!!

Guess there’s a first time for everything. But you’re the very first to try to get it to record a small animal. It’s not made for that and even has settings to only detect people. You would need a DVR cam the records 24/7. Cameras are not made for small animal detection. So blaming Ring for something it’s not made for isn’t right. If you search the community for small animals you’ll only see complaints of it doing that when it’s not supposed to.