Stick up cam will not connect to WiFi

Hello, I need some help here. I am a new customer. Just got a stick up cam accessories hooked up outside with optional solar charge panel. Final step is to connect to WiFi and every single time I try to connect to my WiFi it does not complete the setup. It connects to the “ring” WiFi and then I type in my password to my strong signal network. It then says to wait, and fails setup every time. I have tried SEVERAL times. I have tried on iOS devices and android devices(I am connected to my 2.4 network). I have called Ring and they are no help, they told me to call my WiFi company and they took me through troubleshooting. My WiFi company stayed on the phone with me and ensured my connection is stable and not blocked. I do not know what to do at this point. I have frontier. Can anyone help me. This has been a stick up cam that was bought a while ago and was never unboxed until now. Please help.

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Welcome, @Stick_upCam! This is not the experience we intend, and are here to help. It sounds like you’ve covered all the necessary steps to confirm network resources will work. If you have not already tried this, one option is to setup the Cam inside near the router, attempt to obtain a successful setup, then relocate it outside. It will automatically reconnect when plugged in again, or should remain connected if battery powered (depending on model).

Trying on 2 devices was a great step to cover. I recommend also ensuring bluetooth and VPNs are disabled on the mobile devices.

Depending on network and router type, there may be times where network settings need to be explored. Check out our help center article on ports for more information on network configurations. If you need more assistance with these advanced settings, our support team is always happy to advise further.

Thanks for your reply. Every time I attempt to connect I am inside. I have been next to my modem and still unsuccessful.

I am having the same issue the only difference, this is a camera that was connected at my home and it works fine there, then I moved it to my shop, I have tried changing WiFi and it will not connect to the new wifi now. It seems as though the camera is still trying to connect to the old network and it won’t update to the new one on the Camera. Oh I also tested the wifi from the app and it say it is connected!

Do you have the old version of stick up cam? I think maybe the software is outdated. They don’t even make the model that I have anymore. I have tried everything and nothing works. I am stuck.