Stick Up Cam Plug-In with Pan-Tilt

Check out what I just spotted in the online store:

I wish Ring did a better job announcing when new products are for sale in the message board here… I only know when I see them pop up for sale.


I bought one of these. The pan-tilt unit replaces the battery with a dummy battery and is the new base for the camera. I was able to use my existing power cable. Just unplug from the camera and plug into the new mount. It immediately detected that I added it and the setup was super easy. The only thing that I don’t like is my camera no longer has a battery if the power goes out. I have this particular camera in a utility room so I can see the sump pump, internet router, and other equipment and would really like to see it if the power goes out. I guess I can plug it into a UPS…

This new Tilt mount is Great. Just one main concern. As you pan the camera to the left or right from center the view skews by40-45° + or - . This is due to the camera mounts tilt. This is very noticeable when your home position is set not centered in the middle of the range. Please add software to try to keep the camera level as you pan right or left. Until then add user controls to adjust tilt. I would also like user settings for limiting max right and left pan. Some other preset buttons for home and other viewing positions would be great. Please, Please fix this.

I would actually like to see a straight mount provided as an option. With the mount provided you are forced into a “smiley face” pan instead of a true left to right pan. I don’t think the customer should be forced into whatever Ring engineers believe the angle should be. If possible an adjustable mount would be best. Someone PLEASE let me know when a straight mount is available. I need three ASAP.

I think the battery only option would work best for your situation. At first I wondered why Ring would even make a battery only option but your situation answers it precisely. At first I was confused about which one I needed as the Amazon description did not elaborate that well on the specifications. It is now listed under product FAQ.

IMHO - I think the pan/tilt should incorporate the a battery just for power failure reasons (teething rats) and ditch the option for battery or plug-in. I would like to know how many people actually remove their battery even if plugging them in. Who wouldn’t want a battery back up? Please explain why you would get rid of a perfectly good battery…

Well, I have recently just purchased this pan-tilt mount for every single one of my @Ring cameras and I seriously don’t have any issues with the pan-tilt mount besides you can only uses the pan-tilt only on live view though… so if you try too go looks back at any of your playback videos that you had missed on your phone you won’t be able too tilt the cameras around while playing any playback videos and I really think that is the only sucky part though- (“excuse my language”) Sorry, and I am also a newbie😂 too being a @Ring customer also though!