Stick Up Cam Override iOS Do Not Disturb

I want to know if there is a person on my porch in the middle of the night, but I don’t want to disable Do Not Disturb on my iPhone.

Please allow alerts to override this feature. No sense having a camera if I have to wait until morning to find out someone tried to break in.

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I totally agree. It makes no sense that your choice is either to leave your phone on and can’t sleep becasue you get emails notifications in the middle of the night which wake you up or you can’t sleep at night becuase you are worried that because you have swithced your Iphone to Do Not Disturb mode and won’t get alerts from my camera when the whole point of the camera is to get alerts. I am not a tech person but Ring fixed this issue for their alarms so why not for cameras?

Exactly. I already have my settings tweaked so I ONLY get alerts for “people,” yet it’s an all or nothing solution.

I don’t want to get woken up each time a moth flies near my camera. But, I’d want to know if there was a person peeking in my front door windows. Guess I’ll just have to be reactive and send the footage to the cops should I ever need to contact them.