Stick Up Cam not reconnecting after short cut in Wi-Fi connection

Is there a way to remotely reconnect Stick Up Cams to internet after a short cut in Wi-Fi connection?
I follow two Stick Up Cams (battery operated) for security of an elderly relative. The Wi-Fi connection has cuts every now and then, and after each one I have to go on site to reconnect the cameras to internet. The router reconnects automatically, but the cameras do not follow.

Hi there, @Tuula! Depending on the nature of the frequent outage there may be a solution here. To start, your Ring devices will usually reconnect automatically after a network outage, as long as they have a good signal strength, or short distance to the router. There are times where this might not happen, and the reconnection process requires completing the secure steps, including pressing the setup button. Please keep in mind, that a consistently dependable and efficient network is recommended to operate all features and connectivity of your Ring devices, as well as the rest of your devices.

If the network outages are more commonly with wifi coverage not being adequate, a solution may be our Stick Up Camera Elite, which uses ethernet connection to a router port. If the connection concerns are on the internet service provider side or whole network side, this can lead to scenarios that require to reconnect manually. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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