Stick up cam no longer recording in color at night


Maybe someone has a fix. I have a stick up cam outside under my eaves. I have lights around the eaves, so the area is well lit. Up until 25MAY20, the cam would always record in color at night. On 26MAY20 the camera stopped recording in color at night.

There have been no changes to the environment or the lighting.

Also, this is not a question about nightvision in color where the cam creates a facsimile of a color video. The stick up cam that I have dosen’t have an option for nightvison color.

Hey @Goggles. Could you please show us a video from the 25th of May and a video from the 26th of May that show this difference? To share the video, you can from the video in your event history, view the video and then tap the share icon at the bottom right of the screen. From there, you can send it via text or email, which will populate a message with the URL you will need to grab and then attach in your reply here! :slight_smile: