Stick Up Cam Elite (We Need Answers)

I have 3 Stick Up Cam Elite cameras, all of which I bought recently from resellers, and it’s a good product. However, the Stick Up Cam Elite is nearly 4 years old now, and the image quality is dated compared to the latest Ring cameras due to its fish eye lens in the corners and darkness/fuzziness at the edges.

On Reddit a few months ago, a post was made that Ring said the Stick Up Cam Elite is indeed being discontinued. Yet, it is still listed as a product on Ring’s website and new units are trickling into resellers. It has been out of stock on for the better part of a year. Ring is not giving customers any kind of reassurance that a large purchase of this premium product would be a good decision.

If it is not being discontinued, then common sense would say that a refresh should be expected soon. Yet, Ring is not giving customers like me who need to buy 10 units right now (~$2000 purchase) any reassurance that it is happening. A simple “coming soon” would suffice. They copy and paste the same “supply chain” excuse, but never actually inquire with their teams to give a yes/no to simple questions:

Is it being discontinued?
If yes, why is it still listed on your website confusing customers?
If no, is a new model in development?

If it is not in development, then I would presume this is the model to buy, and I will buy as many units as I need as they trickle in from the “supply chain”. Problem solved.

Ring, please for love of your customers, find some answers for us. I do not want to buy $2000 worth of 4-year old equipment that you continue to produce only to find out that it is obsolete the next day when you decide to come out with a surprise product update. And if it is indeed being discontinued, then let people know and those of us who need them will buy them up. Or, if it really is supply chain issues, the way you make people believe that it is true is to give a clear, truthful “yes” or “no” to the other questions I mentioned.

No actual Ring employees that have your answers are going to come here and give them to you.
My advice, based on the information Ring makes available to you, make your decision. 10 units is peanuts and holds no sway over any employee at Ring. If you were saying you were buying 10,000 they might take notice.
For myself, I’ve stopped buying Ring equipment since my alarm base unit is going out of support in a couple years. At that point I’ll decide if we will continue with Ring and “upgrade” or go with someone else.

Good luck.