Stick up cam elite PoE limited devices

I have Cox Giga internet with a net gear modem running to a Araknis PoE router. I’m definitely not a “techie” so please be kind. I have several Ring devices connected via Wi-fi. However, my issue is that I’m having trouble connecting more than 3 Stickup Cam Elite PoE to the network. The first 3 connected flawlessly in minutes. I got to the 4th and it won’t connect to the network via Ethernet. Thinking it might be the device, I tried a second device. Same result. I swapped cables, power injectors, network ports, etc… no luck. I even added a net gear gigaswitch and tried the ring PoE adapters. Nothing. Called ring tech support and they had me try a 3rd device. Same result. They said it’s because I’m trying to connect so many of the “same device” that my system thinks there’s something wrong. They said something about needing “bridge mode”. I reached out to my home AV guy and he didn’t seem to know what they’re talking about. Bottom line is, I can’t get more than 3 cams to connect to my network even using Ethernet. Any suggestions? Thank you and happy thanksgiving!

Hi @Dazzelo76. Thanks for this information. To build upon what our Ring support team has suggested, “Bridge Mode” refers to a mode that your internet router or modem operates in. I suggest looking in your user manual or reaching out to your ISP to put your router into bridge mode. If you’ve done this and are still having issues, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I contacted my home A/V guy and he does not know what Ring is referring to.

Hi @Dazzelo76. While this article is for Google Fiber, it may help explain what bridge mode is and what it is used for. I would still recommend following up with our support team and requesting to speak with advanced support since this concern involves more technical router and modem questions.