Stick Up Cam Elite, POE, FPS

3 Stick Up Cam Elites and 1 Elite Doorbell connected via POE only producing 20FPS / 1080p. Should be 30FPS per spec. My network:

ISP: Xfinity 1200mbps / 35gbps upload (tested an achieving 40gbps up and 900gbps down on other wired devices throughout the home - Apple TV 4Ks for example)
Modem: Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 (running at 3.1)
Router: Asus RT-AX88U
Switch (for Ring Cams): TrendNet GreenNet 8 port, POE+ gig switch connected at gig speed
Cabling: CAT6 solid copper throughout, no runs longer than 80 feet / all patches CAT6

Gig speeds at camera connection according to laptop connected there. Cams connected to switch at 10/100 per switch indicators.

These cams will not produce more than 20FPS which is not suitable for identifying a person in motion. Faces are not clear.

Equally troubling, even with this connection speed, Live View stutters and buffers while being viewed on an iPhone 12 Pro connected to the SAME NETWORK via WIFI 6 at over 500mbps. It does the same while being viewed live on a MacBook Pro. Sometimes live view freezes completely for up to 10 seconds. Downloaded footage doesn’t contain these stutters and freezes.

I previously ran a Nest Cam IQ on the same network and video was flawless 1080p at 30FPS. I gave up that video quality AND facial recognition for Ring which boasted the same spec and, what I was really buying, POE. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on a Ring system that includes 6 cameras, alarm and sensors of all kinds, smart lighting and a bridge, and several Alexa devices and it turns out the heart of the system - the cameras - produce video incapable of identifying a person walking up my driveway in broad daylight. Disappointed and ready for a remedy.