Stick Up Cam Elite Ethernet cable maximum length

What’s the longest Ethernet cable I can use between the Stick Up Cam Elite and the PoE adapter? I don’t have ac power near where I want to mount the cam (garage eave), but I have power available near my Ethernet switch which is inside a few walls over - so if I can use 50-75 feet of Cat 6 it will be fine. Will that work?



Great question @BillHammer! Ethernet (cat5/cat6) is a very efficient way to deliver network resources, as it is uninterrupted by common over the air variables. While there is not a set length for network resources, do keep in mind power over Ethernet deals with the delivery of power through this run. Generally, the longer the wire the more resistance there will be on the power supply. For this reason, it’d be best not to exceed 300 feet of Ethernet. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: