Stick-up Cam Battery takes multiple attempts to load live video

I have a Stick-Up Cam Battery and it always takes 2-3 attempts to connect to the camera for Live View. Every time I try to access it from any of my devices:

  1. wheel spins for “activating device” until it times out and says “Live View Ended Reconnect”

  2. click Reconnect and it comes back immediately with “Streaming Error”

  3. click Reconnect and it will finally load after a few seconds.

I just found about and installed the Rapid Ring app and the camera doesn’t load at all, I have tried multiple times. All my other cameras load immediately.

The Stick-Up Cam is up-to-date and it doesn’t matter if the battery is fully charged or almost depleted.

None of my other wired cameras (Pro Doorbell, Spotlight Cam, Floodlight Cam and Indoor Cam) have this problem, the live view opens almost immediately.

Any suggestions or is this just how it is with a battery-powered camera?


Hey @iain_b. When you attempt to connect to the live view, does it indicate that the device or your phone is having a poor connection? You can check that while referencing our help article here. If it’s having a poor connection on the device, please check out our Community post to take a look over your RSSI and Device Health page. Alternatively, if it’s a phone’s poor connection, I recommend to remove the Ring App, reboot your phone and then reinstall the Ring app to see if that helps!

Hi Chelsea!

No it does not, I’ve never seen that poor connection error on the screen. I have very good WiFi coverage in my home and have a gigabit fiber internet connection (FiOS). This happens both at home on my own WiFi and when I’m out of the house and connecting over LTE.

Also, the camera has a good connection to the Ring internal network. From the Device Health page for the camera it has a Signal Strength of RSSI -38 and is in the green. The Device Health Report says it has a “clean bill of health”.

This has been going on since I installed the camera 4 months ago. I had an older iPhone 7 Plus when I installed the camera and now have an iPhone XS Max. The camera has always done this, it also effects me wife’s iPhone X, and my brand new iPad 7th gen.

I want to re-iterate, I have 4 other cameras that are all wired and none of them exhibit this behaviour. They all open instantly. It makes me wonder if the battery-powered devices have some sort of power-save mode that keeps them from firing up on the first attempt.


Following up on this.

I have also installed the Rapid Ring app and the camera won’t load live view at all.

Should I perform a factory reset on the camera?

@iain_b Hey again! Before performing a factory reset on the camera, I recommend to reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 for further troubleshooting! They will be able to help steer you in the correct direction to get the live view up and running. Please let us know what they say as it may help other neighbors in the Community in the future!

Same issue. Strong signal, brand new camera. Set it up just hours ago and already not working as intended. I’m wishing I never got involved with Ring for anything. Three products and all are just garbage.

I have the same issue that live view doesn’t work. If I try live view 2 or 3 times, allowing the app to timeout then live view will work. This is happening on all 3 stickup battery cameras. I do not have any wired cameras

I’m having the same issues. The stick up cam worked. Then stopped. After unplugging and restarting, it worked for a few hours yesterday. Today, it’s not working again. Everything else on my SmartThings hub is working. Maybe I need a remote plug so I can keep rebooting the stick up cam remotely. Or I can just return this. It’s been awful. RSSI is -24.

still not fixed.


Just wondering if resolved this? I am having same issue. Thanks.

I called tech support. They are pretty responsive but were unable to reset the camera remotely. Then somehow the camera seemed to fix itself and has been working for the past week. Gremlins.

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I don’t believe the camera fixed itself. My cameras may respond on first attempt, or may take several attempts. IMHO, the cameras are in a low power state where they don’t respond to network pings.

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I am experiencing the same problem with the Stick Up Cam Battery. I have 8 other Ring cameras and have no problems with and connecting to live view.

My battery one - it’s just intermittent. It’s next to the router and has a very good wifi connection but Rapid Ring will throw errors that say, cannot connect, wifi connection is weak. I’ve tried changing channel etc. Doesn’t help. My other 8 - 4 of which are on wifi work perfectly!

Really hope a fix comes!


Hi @jiriteach. It may be possible that since you have a larger amount of cameras that the connection can be slow from time to time to connect to the Live View. When adding new cameras, they will have troubles asserting themselves to grab the wireless connection if there are other devices that have already being using the wifi. Please note that the cameras, for best functionality, need about 2 Mbps of upload and download speed.

Therefore, with your 9 cameras, you will need a total of 18 Mbps upload/download. Download is normally easy to get, but upload can be limited depending on your internet service provider. If you have plenty of speeds, try giving your router a reboot, and this may help re-establish the connection more evenly to all of your devices so that your new Cam doesn’t have a weak connection. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Havinfg the same problem and called the support team as suggested in this post but to no avail. They tried to blame it on my internet service but when I put the old YI camera’s back in place I get a live view with no problem. For the cost of these Ring cameras they should nothave this problem. Our Ring doorbell doesn’t have any problem with live view only the hree Stick Up Battery cameras.

Very disappointed

Hi - Thanks for the feedback but connection speed is not an issue. I have gig interenet link. 1gig download/1gig upload so no issues re-speed.

Have reset/rebooted a million times over and same issue. Rapid Ring will either tell me I am on resticted wifi or weak but after trying ~ 5-6 times, it connects and works fine.

I also know its not a wifi as my signal strength is very strong (RSSI -28 at the moment). I’ve also set captures at the lowest setting possible for battery - 3mins and this is working perfectly.

Just live view seems to be an issue.

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I am having the exact same problem on my wired stick up camera. Wifi test suggest good connection. My internet speed is about 100mbps down and 12 upload. Have two ring pro doorbells, two flood lights with cameras and one flood light/no camera.

Seems like there is a consistent thread of problems with the stick up camera.

@ringcommunitysupport: what can you do for your loyal customers who are dealing with a failing product?

Call customer support.
Call Us
US: +1(800) 656-1918 (24/7)
US: +1(888) 981-8993 (Español - 24/7)
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