Stick up cam battery - powering with adapater

Hi, I have spare power cables from my stick up cam elite spare as I used POE. These are micro USB. I am looking to purchase the stick up cam battery model aswell and was wondering if I can power them off the stick up cam elite micro USB adapter? I see that the official power adapter for the stick up cam battery has a barrel connector instead. It seems a waste to spend £35 if I can re use the elite adapter. I guess I can buy a micro USB to barrel connector for a few pound from ebay but wondered if the stick up cam battery also has a micro USB charge port? Or if the one to charge its battery is accessible and will power the camera without removing to battery?

Good question, @Lukepev! Our power supply or Power Adapters are often designed to fit a specific model of Ring device. Your observation is correct that while a Stick Up Camera Elite uses the micro USB Power Adapter, the other Stick Up Camera models (3rd gen) will be compatible with the barrel connection Power Adapter. You can learn more by visiting our accessories page at and comparing accessories. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: