Stick up Cam battery operated mounting

I was wondering if it was possible to mount a stick up battery operated outdoor cam with something like 3M. Kuna has this option, but ring is a better camera so it would be great if ring had this option. My daughter lives in an apartment and is not able to mount the camera into the siding with screws.

Hey @Jenkins2. Just wanted to chime in here! I personally ran into this concern myself when trying to mount my Stick Up Cam Battery inside my home, as I didn’t want to put any holes into the wall. While I ended up resulting to screws, I did try the Command 3 M Velcro Strips (used 2 actually) to see if it would hold the Stick Up Cam Battery and it sadly did not. Since the Camera is normally mounted and then sticking out from that area, it needs to have a solid connection that I have only found reliably through nails or screws. I did get nails that matched the color of the white wall though for looks! :smiley_cat: