Stick up cam and solar panel not charging

This is the exact scenario I’m experiencing as well. During the day time, it shows 100%, but at night, it uses the battery and it looks like the battery is not being charged. I just installed the solar panel last week and each night, it’s been going down by 1%. 99% the first night, 98% the next night… 93% as of now. All the while, during the day it is 100%

So instead of charging the battery, it looks like it only powers the device during the day.

Did you find a fix? How do we get the solar panel to charge the battery and not just power the device?

So, I have been having this problem since installing a Solar Panel on my Stick-up cam in January. Sometimes the camera recognizes it has a solar panel, sometimes it does not and the battery slowly runs down. Ring has been great, they replaced the solar panel: same issue. They replaced the stick-up cam and the problem actually got worse. It changed from intermittently recognizing it has a SP connected to not recognizing it at all for the past 3 days since the new camera was installed.

So, I again called Ring Tech Support (6th-7th time for this issue), granted them access to my system and low and behold, the camera suddenly recognized the SP.

I have concluded this is NOT a hardware problem. There is some glitch in the Ring App software creating this problem of not recognizing a SP is connected. Ring, please address this issue. I cannot comfortably leave my system for any length of time not knowing if my camera will remain charged and operational. Too many people seem to be having this same problem for this to not be addressed and corrected.