Stick Up Cam - Amazon Echo Show - Display video on motion??

I read here that the Stick Up Cams cannot display video on an Amazon Echo Show when motion is sensed:

Question 1

I just wanted to double check and see if thats the case?

Question 2

If the answer above is no; is there any way to pop up/display video from a Stick Up Cam when it senses motion on any Tablet (Apple or Android)?

I have 3 Stick Up Cam’s and am overall happy with them (except the fact they got overly sensative to motion a few weeks ago) and have no desire to get a Ring Doorbell but I want the ability to have a tablet(s) around the house that display motion when sensed on these cams.



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I am a bit unhappy that apparently my stick up cam will not display on my Alexa Show? The whole point of buying the new Stick up Cam (as my 1st generation worked fine) was to get the Alexa capability so I can see my camera from my desk. Apparently the issue was recognized two years ago, does it still not integrate?

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