Stick Up 2 keeps disconnecting from MiFi LTE hotspot


I currently have several Stick Up cams and Stick Up Cam 2’s. All (mix of 1 and 2’s) are connected to my home wifi and work excellent, except 1 camera not on my home’s wifi. I have one Stick Up Cam 2 (with solar panel) that is on an outbuilding and too far away from my home to use the wifi, so I bought a Verizon MiFi to run this camera and a smart TV in the outbuilding.

When I originally installed the Cam, it set up with no problems. Then within a day, it disconnected from the MiFi. This happened for several days, each day I could not get the cam to reconnect to the MiFi without doing a reset of the Cam by holding the setup button for 30 seconds and starting new. It would always say that I needed to reboot my router, so I’d power cycle the MiFi and it still wouldn’t connect. When I tried to run through the network setup in the Ring app and tell the cam it was a new network connection, it would say I enrered the password incorrectly. This happeneduntil I decided to mess with the MiFi settings, and noticed that the DHCP lease time was set to about 23 hours. I changed that setting to the maximum time (something like 9 years). After that, the camera stayed connected for about 2 weeks.

Then today, I went to check for some camera footage and noticed it was offline again for the past 2 or 3 days. Yet again, I couldn’t get the camera to reconnect to the MiFi without doing a reset of the camera and starting from scratch.

Just for giggles, before I did the reset, I tried to connect it to a different LTE wifi hotspot that the camera has never seen before, and it again kept telling me that I had entered the wifi password incorrectly.

I’m at a loss. It’s like the camera goes dumb and after losing connection, will not connect to ANY network without a reset. Before I ever do the resets, I connect other devices like my phone or the TV to the MiFi to make sure it’s up and working, and it always is.

It’s interesting because my other StickUp cams that are connected to my home wifi stay connected 100% of the time, and reconnect on their own if my power goes out and the wifi router goes offline. Now with this camera on a hot spot connection, it just goes dumb and won’t reconnect, despite the MiFi having a battery and staying up and reachable 100% of the time even through power outages. Fwiw, I haven’t had any power outages during any of this trouble, I’m just comparing the 2 networks.

Has anybody experienced something like this before, and how did you solve it?