Steplights constantly detecting motion

I six Steplights in the front of the house. They are about 30 feet from a street that has little traffic. I have them linked to my doorbell camera, with the camera set to record when motion is detected. The motion sensitivity is set as low as possible but the lights are constantly detecting motion. Looking at the event history shows that in average, the lights are triggered every 15 minutes during the day. There were so many events that my hardwired doorbell battery was drained to 29%. Any suggestions?
I don’t need the response that seems to be common regarding the many settings in the Ring app. I’ve tried everything in the app and nothing works. Thank you!

I apologize… they are the Pathlights not Steplights.

Hi @Beefaroni! I recommend testing each Pathlight individually to see which ones are detecting the vehicles most often. This will help with positioning and any adjustments that need to be made. Although your motion sensitivity is minimized, vehicles might be close enough to trigger a motion, or reflecting light that might be detected. Try also turning the Pathlights in a manner that avoids roadway traffic, if possible. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: