Status Panel - Showing which window/door/motion is "open"

I hunted around for a while but couldn’t find quite what I am looking for.
I recently used the Retrofit kit to connect up my old wired alarm system to the Ring alarm. Perfect, easy. But, what I am still missing is: On my old alarm, I had 3 panels around the house that had a set of lights indicating exactly which zone was active (open door or window or active motion) even when the alarm was not set. So at end of day I could easily see if something was still open or, in the middle of the night if I forgot to check I can just look at the wall panel and make sure that nothing is lit.
Currently I have to grab my phone or tablet, find the app, and check the dashboard (which has very small text by the way) or select Devices etc…
I would happily pay for another panel (actually 2).
Did I miss this somewhere and just blab for a long time for no reason? :slight_smile: