Static noise doorbell 1(2nd generation)

We are getting bad static noise during playback of video. The same noise happens if you try two-way talk. We returned the first one we bought thinking it had a bad mic, but the second one is exactly the same. Wifi quality is strong, so that isn’t the issue. Any ideas?

Thank you for sharing your experience in detail, @markgilbert01! If the replacement device is also exhibiting this behavior, there may be something environment enacting upon it. Although your wifi signal strength reads as good, it can still be possible for network interferences in audio communication. Despite good readings in the Ring app, I recommend double checking on the distance between your router and Doorbell, as well as any major interferences between.

As far as environmental factors go, not much could cause a static noise as you described. Major electronics, appliances, machines, or even metal walls/ doors, could cause interference in audio delivery. It might be worth testing audio on another mobile device entirely, just to rule out any phone/ app functionality concerns. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: