Starting RING

You typed: “Hi, I would like to strat with one outside floodtlight and the app. Is there any other device I would need to set it up.”

Hi @user14224. Are you asking about one of the Ring Floodlight Cams or one of the Ring Smart Lighting Floodlights? For the Floodlight Cams, you need to have access to the Ring app on a compatible smartphone or tablet in order to set the Floodlight Cam up. You do not need any additional Ring devices for the Floodlight Cams.

If you’re looking at the Smart Lighting Floodlights that do not have a camera, these function as motion-activated smart lights. With a Ring Bridge, you can add them to your Ring app to have extra smart controls such as Light Schedules and Light Grouping. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile: