Stalled events - Qos

I have not yet mounted my doorbell outside. At the moment it and my tablet w/app are by my side - in the same room as my (very nice) router. I am currently downloading a file from the internet. Just for kicks I pressed the ring button (two trials actually) and it took maybe 30 seconds for the event to be processed by my tablet.

The download is sucking up my bandwidth and depriving the ring device its turn.

I’ve never had to play with QoS before - but that might be a solution. Also - I may need to tweak /limit bandwidth on the router as well. I do happen to have 2 routers in the house but I would hate to have to worry about who was doing what in the house on which network if I want to hear the doorbell ring.

Has Ring (the company) given any thought to this situation ?


This morning I tried to switch the network/router my Ring doorbell was using. I went through the ‘change the network’ procedure and everything completed successfully. The device health page showed my new network name etc. But on the page which includes the ‘live view’ button there was a blue dial in the top left hand corner and the buttton was disabled. After a while the blue spinning dial was replaced by the red ‘home’ icon.

When I went to the router’s status page it knew nothing of the doorbell.

When I clicked on the ‘live view’ button it said ‘activating device’ - forever.

So - the app reports the doorbell was connected to the new network - but in reality there was never a good connection…

Hi @charlies. I would suggest trying the Rapid Ring App. This is an app that we’ve designed and optimized for just Live View. It generally loads a lot faster and works great. Give it a try and let us know how you like it!