ST Video Feed

Hi All,

New here so still getting used to it all, can anyone please confirm which (if any) of the security cameras pass their video feed into SmartThings when Ring and ST accounts are paired please?


I cant seem to get either my floodlights or doorbell 2 to pass video annoyingly,whilst other people seem to have it workimg?!

Hey neighbors! The only way you could get your Ring videos onto another device would be to download said videos and then upload them onto the storage in another area or cloud service. There is not a way to automatically have those videos uploaded into another storage, as they are only automatically put into your event history in your app, where you can then save it from there!

Hi Chelsea

We are not talking about another device, this refers to the SmartThings App, which Ring has partnered with.

Seems you can get the feed to ring pro into the app, just not from the tile on the home screen, whereas battery devices don’t let you connect to live view via SmartThings

@KH1988 are you saying that battery powered devices cannot use Live View from within the SmartThings app at all? I’m waiting on Ring support to try and figure out if my spotlight cam battery model will allow me access the live view from either the ST iOS app or ST within my Samsung tv.