Spotlight wired will not enter setup

Spotlight cam wired was working fine. No changes to wiring or Wi-Fi. Now will not connect to Wi-Fi. Cycled power and the floodlights stay on 24/7. If the camera is powered up lights stay on day or night. Camera will not connect to Wi-Fi. LED Does not flash on the bottom when powered up. I Pressed the button on the top but it still won’t set up. Held the button for 30 seconds but it still won’t go into setup mode. Help? I have 4 other ring cameras all working fine.

Does anyone have a response to this question? As I have the same problem, and we have not been able to get our Floodlight reconnected to the WiFi for 6 weeks now. All other Ring devices are connected to the same WiFi and work fine.

As long as there is power to the Camera, a setup attempt should result in some sort of response from the Camera. If this is a Spotlight Cam wired (using the standard plug/ outlet), please try another outlet to test. For Spotlight Camera Mounts (wired into junction) please flip the breaker associated with it off for a few moments, then back on.

If a power cycle did not result in power and the ability to complete a setup, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thanks for the reply. I turned the lights off at the mains but it still wouldn’t go back into setup mode.

We have the same issue, did anyone get this sorted?