Spotlight light doesn't turn on when linked device detects motion

I have my doorbell and spotlight linked so they each record when either detects motion. The spotlight is supposed to turn on the light when the doorbell detects motion, and it use to, but no longer turns on the light. How can i fix this?

Note - the spotlight light DOES turn on when it detects motion when it is the first device to detect motion, so i know the light works.

Also, on the doorbell device, the light option has “When can these lights be activated by motion?” my answer is Anytime from 6pm CST to 8am CST.

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I’m with you on this. My linked device has suddenly stopped turning on lights and recording when the primary device detects motion. No changes were made since the last time it worked so I don’t know how to fix.

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Hi there. Having a similar issue. Did you resolve your problem I wonder?

Have you tried disabling the link and then re-enabling it?

Yeh, tried several times. Never works