Spotlight Camera with Once battery not showing Solar Power

Hi, I installed this with the view of using the Solar panel, I quickly realized the sun wouldn’t be around enough in the area i wanted the camera for it to Charge, I have been using one battery and after three days it’s still saying 97% charge on the iOS app.
I had also ordered from Amazon AUS the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adaptor for Ring Stick Up Cam Battery, White. This arrived today, and after checking it against the video for the US version seems identical except for the AUS power plug.
However, when I go to the iOS Ring app and check the device health for this camera it’s not showing Solar power even though the plug is definitely in the same socket as the solar panel would use. It seems to only be a DC socket so I guess there is no smarts to advise the device if it’s solar or AC power pack?
How will I know if it’s working, short of a Multimeter voltage check of the socket supplying the camera? Or removing the battery and seeing if stay alive?

Hi @petcol. Based on your post, it sounds like you purchased a third-party power adapter from Amazon to use for your Spotlight Cam. We do not sell a power adapter for the Spotlight Cam, and we can’t guarantee that a third-party accessory will work correctly. The Ring app is not going to display that it’s on solar power when you do not have the Solar Panel properly installed.