Spotlight camera .. remove the plug

I have recently purchased a wired spotlight cam and am very disapointed with the install. The camera comes with a mains cable moulded into the camera on one end and a moulded plug on the other. Please ship either without the moulded plug or a documented option to remove it. The mains supply is on the inside of the wall and the camera on the outside… I get two choices … cut the plug off and maybe have warranty issues if the device fails, or drill a very large hole to get it through…

Would like to know about this also. if i remove the plug to hardwire into exterior porch light wiring, is the warranty effected?

no external powersources for a plug that someone could simply unplug to disable the camera.

I second that idea. It would be nice if the main plug had a disconnect joint so you actually run it through a wall and reconnect. I had to cut off the plug and resplice it back after drilling the hole in the garage wall to connect the plug inside the garage.

Did you ever get a reply regarding this? I, too, have an internal power socket and would prefer to be able to drill a small hole for the wire rather than have to cut off the plug and rejoin it.